Carol Sachs

Cotswolds for Condé Nast Traveler USA


Alex Atala for Nowness


Corin Mellor for Port


Mahindra E20

The Beaumont for Condé Nast Traveler USA

Maureen Paley for Another Magazine

Mark Hix for YCN magazine

Brazilian cocoa for Nowness

Dishoom for YCN magazine

Old Parsonage Hotel

Chanel for Amarello magazine

Mandoo for Sabor magazine

Umu for Amuse

Designers in Residence for Design Museum London

Rio graffitti for Nokia

Iceland for YCN magazine

Myanmar for YCN magazine

Other travels


Morocco for Sony

São Tomé e Príncipe for Patek Philippe

Sri Lanka




I am a London based Brazilian photographer. After a BA in Graphic Design at PUC-Curitiba in Brazil, a beginning in documentary photography and an MA in Photography at the LCC in London, it was São Paulo that allowed me to build a career as an editorial photographer and London who furthered and broadened it. I now happily mix food photography with portraiture, interiors and travel for a variety of editorial and commercial clients worldwide.

These include: Condé Nast Traveler, Gucci, Nokia, Sony, Mr. Porter, Monocle, Another Magazine, Vogue Hommes Japan, Vogue UK, Nowness, Port Magazine, Avaunt Magazine, The Independent, Mahindra, London’s Design Museum, Travel+Leisure, Wallpaper*.

+44 (0) 781 544 3248

For news, please check out
my instagram: @carol.sachs
Corin Mellor, designer - Port Magazine
Alex Atala, chef - Nowness
Erik Kessels, KesselsKramer - YCN Magazine, UK
Greyson Perry, artist - Elephant Magazine, UK
Seu Jorge, singer - Wallpaper Magazine, UK
Helena Rizzo, chef - Nowness, UK
Bia Chachamovits, artist - JP Magazine, Brazil
Paulo Mendes da Rocha, architect - Wallpaper Magazine, UK
Peta O'Brien, food stylist - The Gourmand Magazine, UK
Charlotte Casiraghi - GCT Magazine, UK
Dan Crowe, publisher, and Matt Willey, designer - YCN Magazine, UK
Isaac McHale, chef - Guestbook Magazine, UK
Samantha Aquim, chocolatier - Nowness
E. Pellicci - Port Magazine, UK
APFEL Design Studio - Elephant Magazine, UK
Hugh Herr, biophysicist - Avaunt Magazine, UK
Dishoom - YCN Magazine, UK
Florence Knight, chef - Press Images, UK
Edwina Alexander, show jumper - Press Portrait for Gucci
Eoin Colfer, writer - BMW Magazine, Germany
Amanda Brooks, writer - Condé Nast Traveler USA
Mark Hix, chef - YCN Magazine
Yasmin Sewell, fashion consultant - Moda Magazine, Brazil
Oskar Metsavaht, fashion designer - Vogue Hommes Japan
Toninho Mendes, publisher - Vice Magazine, Brazil
Hannah Rothschild, writer - Christies Magazine, UK
Jan Gehl, architect - Rapha Magazine, UK
Yoshinori Ishii, chef - Amuse, UK
Erik Kessels and Johan Kramer, KesselsKramer - YCN Magazine, UK
From the feature 'Chanel for Amarello Magazine'
Philippe Malouin, designer - Christies Magazine, UK
Campana Brothers, designers - Vogue Hommes Japan
Malika Favre, illustrator - Elephant Magazine, UK
From the feature 'Sunstroke'
From the short film 'Outubro', Brazil
Tyler BrĂ»lé, publisher - Poder Magazine, Brazil
Dawn Shadworth, director - YCN Magazine, UK
Fina Filmes - Press Images, Brazil
Bridget Christie, comedian - The Independent, UK
Cecilia Bernardes, singer - Album Images, Brazil
Mia Frostner, designer - YCN Student Annual, UK
BAO - Press Images, UK
Pedro Useche, designer - Wallpaper Magazine, UK
Reynaldo Gianecchini, actor - Quem Magazine, Brazil
Jair de Souza, designer - Poder Magazine, Brazil
Christie Brown, artist - Crafts Magazine, UK
Darren Wall, designer - Press Images, UK
Carrie Harwood, blogger - Instagram/Samsung